Sensory Analysis for Artisan Chocolate Products

Professional Certificate Program

On-Demand + Live Instruction + Taste Sessions

6-Week Course: February 02 - March 11, 2022

Tune-in to the next level of quality control for artisan chocolate products. 

Build your skillset with a professional chocolate evaluation method and score-system that has uprooted traditional models in favor of a modern style of chocolate analysis that reflects the quality potential in artisan products. This method allows for communicating results easily over long distance. 

Genetics & Terroir

Explore the impact of soil science, cacao genetics, and post-harvest processing on artisan chocolate products.

Live Classroom Sessions

Talk with professionals around the world about chocolate product flavor profiles. Learn to calibrate your score. 

Professional Skills

Develop the skills and experience to evaluate artisan chocolate products with confidence. Certificate and exam included.

Neurology of Taste

Learn about the system in the human brain to remember taste and flavors and practice ways to harness this in your work.

Ingredients Quality

Taste the difference in ingredient quality and manufacture methods that impact flavor and product quality of artisan chocolate.

Global Cocoa Origins

Be prepared to evaluate chocolate from any region of the world. Experience cocoa from 30+ origins in the certificate program.

Professional Certificate Program


Early Bird Discount Until January 1, Save $300.00 (Full Price $1750.00)

  • Includes All Course Materials
  • Learn the industry standards for specialty chocolate products.
  • Taste chocolate with colleagues from around the world.
  • Practice and get personal feedback on your taste scores.
  • Access the network of program graduates to join taste groups and share product evaluations.
  • Have your products reviewed by coleagues worldwide.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Quality Control Program for Artisan Chocolate Products. 

The program is designed to give you a solid foundation to build a sensory analysis and quality control system for chocolate manufacture from small batch to large scale production.

Course Benefits

  • Become a highly skilled chocolate taster with clear understanding of how to evaluate artisan products. 
  • Learn to facilitate chocolate tasting activities for professional and consumer audiences. 
  • Be a professional contributor to the fastest growing method for quality control in artisan chocolate today. 
  • Expand your palate with guidance from experts and chocolate professionals around the world.
  • Develop new ways to monitor and provide feedback on product batches with your staff.
  • Discover the unique tolerances and viewpoint that sets you apart as a chocolate taster.

Curriculum Highlights

  • International cohort of students allows for professional networking and knowledge of global taste perspectives. 
  • Understand the attributes of artisan chocolate - fragrance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, sweetness, bitterness, astringency, acidity, and finish. 
  • Learn how to evaluate the defects in chocolate that result from agriculture, transportation, and manufacturing. 
  • Taste cacao origins and learn how the sensory attributes of chocolate develop in relation to their agricultural environment. 
  • Calibrate your palate to a modern quality standard for artisan chocolate and learn professional evaluation methods.

Certificate Program Overview

  • Week 1: Taste Attributes & Score Forms
  • Week 2: Fragrance, Aroma, Finish, Mouthfeel
  • Week 3: Sweetness, Acidity, Astringency, Bitterness
  • Week 4: Cacao Genetics and Farm impact on Flavor
  • Week 5: Manufacture Process Options & Impact on Flavor
  • Week 6: Cacao Origin Review & Final Exam  

Taste: Each week of the program there are 6-bars of chocolate to evaluate (36-total bars). The chocolate products are arranged in a tasting order by region of the world that the cocoa originates and come from a diverse variety of production styles and manufacturing technique. Through the course students taste chocolate from 30+ cacao origins with products made by the top chocolate makers in the world. 

Sensory Analysis Program includes printed scorebook for product evaluations, print guide to the score form and sensory attributes, all chocolate for taste evaluations, all lessons on-demand and live instruction, plus 12-months of access to the online forum. 

Instruction: Each week there are two live webinars, recorded for on-demand viewing. Plus, there are two live Q&A sessions each week for your questions and to practice group sensory evaluations. That is up to 6+ hours per week of live interaction or 3-hours of video to watch on-demand and 3-hours of live classroom time.

Times Zones: Select from three time zones. 1pm Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 4pm London. The course meets in these times live on Wednesday and Friday each week. 

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