The Chocolate Alliance is a community that combines several types of business to have a broad reach and impact to ultimately create greater support, evolution, and success within The Chocolate Industry. We are your ally! 


We strive to offer excellent events, including our Flagship Event: The Northwest Chocolate Festival. As well as The Chicago Chocolate Festival, The Los Angeles Chocolate Festival, and Chocolate Makers UnConferences across the country.


Our nonprofit, the Specialty Cocoa Association seeks to expand the knowledge of chocolate as a food, a plant, and an industry. Through workshops, seminars, and consumer education we aim to close the gaps in knowledge around cacao and chocolate.

We provide specialized consultation services for a myriad of business needs. From designing a chocolate factory, a retail space, or a packaging design, or scaling your business or reaching the right connections to help your business thrive. We can use our combined expertise to help you reach your business goal. 

Our Global Awards Program has been running for twelve years. Our international panel of expert chocolate tasters are making history with the revealing of each new winner. 

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