Welcome to the NW Chocolate Festival 2021 Virtual Edition.

Join chocolate experts and cacao experts from around the world to explore current topics in artisan chocolate. With programs for chocolate lovers and chocolate professionals there's something for everyone at the Northwest Chocolate Festival.

Making Chocolate at Home with CocoTerra - Join Nate Saal, founder of CocoTerra as he demonstrates the latest technology for home chocolate makers.

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Taste Chocolate on a whole new level.

Sensory Analysis for Chocolate  

Professional Certificate Program.

February 02, 2022 - learn more

Sensory Program Details > Click Here

Develop new skills for appreciating artisan chocolate quality. 

Designed for professionals who rely on tasting chocolate to evaluate product quality. The new standard method for specialty chocolate evaluation provides a 100-point score system and framework of sensory attributes to analyze the flavor-profiles in products that use high quality cacao and ingredients. As a student you will join professionals from around the world to calibrate and evaluate modern craft and artisan chocolate products.

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