Thank you to all who participated in the 2020 Fall Webinar Series.  

In this series we featured industry experts providing hands-on, field work, kitchen work, and production advice for professionals. 

Stay tuned for our next Professional Webinar Series - Coming in 2021


Tuesday, September 15th, 10:00 - 11:30am PST

Sarah Bharath, Meridian Cacao

Field School: Fermentation and Drying Methods

This session will look at the postharvest processes that greatly influence the ability to consistently produce high-quality beans. Building upon the science findings of researchers, field practitioners, and cacao farmers, we will explore the importance of understanding the cacao postharvest processing.  The aim is to set you on the path to becoming your own on-site cacao processing expert with time, a willingness to learn and pay attention to detail, and a genuine interest in working with cacao, starting from the perspective of the bean.


Tuesday, September 15th, 12:00 - 1:30pm PST

Dan O'Doherty, Cacao Services

Advanced Science of Fermentation

Dive deeper into understanding the reactions and changes a cocoa bean goes through in the cycle of fermentation. The purpose of this webinar will be to provide a practical and science-based approach to the essential task of fermenting fine flavor cacao.


Thursday, September 17th, 8:00 - 9:30am PST

Paul Newman, K'UL Chocolate

Business Planning: Scaling for Social Impact & Profitability

There is more to running a chocolate business than selling product. Even the seemingly simple task of moving units requires strategy. For small and mid-size manufacturers of Artisan Chocolate the strategy has to include attention to growth planning and a focus on social impact from the business success - how are you giving back? Join Paul Newman of K'ul Chocolate to talk about the goal of building a resilient business and a regenerative network of customers. Topics covered will include sales forecasting, raw materials contracts, social impact, and navigating the business of chocolate manufacture.


Thursday, September 17th, 10:00 - 11:30am PST

Snooky Robins, CocoMojo

Chocolate Machinery and Factory Design

What's the difference between a cocoa melanger and steel ball mill in terms of product development, production speed, and technical knowledge requirements of the operator? What makes a good chocolate manufacturing work-flow? What elements are at play in designing the optimal lab or production environment that will thrive in the modern marketplace? What does it mean to think about process-workflow and look for efficiencies? All this and more with Snooky Robins, process engineer, chocolate factory designer, builder, and engineer for micro-to-macro scale cocoa and chocolate production centers.

nat photo.jpg

Thursday, September 17th, 12:00 - 1:30pm PST

Nat Bletter, PhD, Madre Chocolate

Small Farms: Small Batch Fermentation Systems

Join ethnobotanist and chocolate maker Dr. Nat Bletter, Ph.D. in this hands-on look at cocoa fermentation for small batch systems. From temperature control methods to introducing variable microbes to inoculate a small batch. Dr. Bletter is the owner of Madre Chocolate, located in Oahu, Hawaii.


Tuesday, September 22nd, 8:00 - 9:30am PST

Karen Neugebauer, Forte Chocolates

Tempering Master Class - Working With Chocolate

Join Master Chocolatier and Award Winning Fine Chocolate Artisan - Karen Neugebauer, owner of Forte Chocolates located in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Karen is a recognized expert in chocolate confections, unique inclusions, and chocolate tempering. She regularly teaches professionals from around the world through hands-on workshops and digital seminars. We are proud to present the first Master Level digital workshop on Chocolate Tempering by Karen Neugebauer.


Tuesday, September 22nd, 10:00 - 11:30am PST

 Michael Recchiuti, Recchiuti Confections

Confections Master Class - Professional Techniques

Join with Award Winning Master Chocolatier, Michael Recchiuti, owner of Recchiuti Confections in San Francisco. A world famous chocolatier with a passion for hand crafted confections, Mr. Recchiuti brings a sense of tradition and play to the design and creation of confectionary products. In this workshop Michael will share insights, experiments, and tips gained from his professional chocolate production career and you'll get. to peek behind the scenes at the work methods and techniques used by Recchiuti Confections.


Tuesday, September 22nd, 12:00 - 1:30pm PST

Bill Fredericks, Chocolate Man

Sugar Science Master Class - Types & Reactions

Working with sugar is part of every chocolate maker and confectioner's tool kit for product development. In this Master Class with Bill Fredericks, owner of Chocolate Man in Lake Forest Park, Washington - explore the science of sugar for artisan chocolate and confections. Bill will discuss the properties of sugar and how it reacts in the heat processes of chocolate work. He will also overview the new and varied types of sugar available for products today. This seminar on the properties of sugar is a must-do for any serious professional in the chocolate industry.

Ashton Pina Headshot 2019.jpg

Thursday, September 24th, 8:00 - 9:30am PST

Ashton Pina, Marketing Consultant

Marketing Your Company: Brand Identity & Product Story

Marketing in the modern world requires savvy and a willingness to explore the personality and depth of your company's brand and products. Join Ashton Pina, former brand manager of Madecasse Chocolate (now Beyond Good Chocolate) as he takes us into the realm of focused marketing for your Artisan Chocolate brand and products. From delivering content that exemplifies your brand's value proposition - to story telling with your products, Ashton reveals what it takes to rise above the noise in today's marketplace to succeed as an Artisan Chocolate company.


Thursday, September 24th, 10:00 - 11:30am PST

Monica & Tom Rogan, Goodnow Farms

Chocolate Making: Cocoa Butter, Inclusions, & Ingredients

Join the founders of Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Monica Rogan and Tom Rogan to discuss Chocolate Making in theory and practice. From pressing your own cocoa butter to exploring inclusions and sourcing ingredients - the dynamic Rogan duo will share what they have learned on their journey as Artisan Bean To Bar Chocolate Makers. Goodnow Farms is the winner of more than 18 gold and silver awards from competitions around the world. Monica and Tom have established the brand as a leader in craft chocolate.


Thursday, September 24th, 12:00 - 1:30pm PST

Brian Cisneros, Chocolate Alliance & NW Chocolate Festival

Sensory Analysis Training for Chocolate Professionals

Sensory Analysis is the fundamental building block of all professional skills in the fine flavor Artisan Chocolate industry. Professionals at every step of the supply chain require sensory analysis training, and practice to deliver consistent and exceptional results when crafting cocoa products. From wet cocoa handling to finished chocolate bars - sensory analysis plays a critical role in all points of the production cycle. Join Brian Cisneros to journey into the primary skill-set for chocolate makers and tasters. This workshop will be an overview of the new sensory standards developed by Chocolate Alliance and Speciality Cocoa Association.


Welcome to the newest Professional Webinar Series for Artisan Chocolate. In this series we feature experts providing hands-on, field work, kitchen work, and production advice for professionals. Dive in to great topics with the best in the industry, ask burning questions, take notes, and enhance your professional skills with our newest Webinar Series. 


All seminars will be available on-demand 24/7 to all registered participants for 30-days from the date of the session. 

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