We deliver exceptional results. The Chocolate Alliance has the unique position of extensive knowledge of the cocoa value chain and a broad global network of experts in every sector of the specialty chocolate industry. We support business clients by providing sensory training in finished products, guidance in product development, lessons on scale and scale-over-time for chocolate manufacture, and access to our global network, 

If you are ready to begin your journey in chocolate or take your existing company to the next level in the chocolate industry - let's talk about the ways in which the Chocolate Alliance can get you there faster and more effectively than going it alone.  

- How To Scale Your Business

- Branding & Marketing for Chocolate 

- Product Manufacturing 

- Chocolate Machinery For Your Space

- Sensory Trainings & Workshops

- Customer Acquisition Retail/Wholesale

- Packaging, Digital & Print Solutions 

- Global Trade and Cocoa Sourcing 

We are the hub for all things chocolate. And we look forward to learning about your cocoa-focused project.