​We all know that a standard for evaluating cacao and chocolate will be a key to the future of this industry. We have been working for years to develop and refine the Sensory Analysis Scoring System that allows a clear and outlined finished result.

We are proud to launch this long awaited effort with the intention to uplift the standards for the Artisan Chocolate Industry. All industry members are invited to register for a complimentary sensory guide.


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Brian Cisneros, founder of the NW Chocolate Festival, the Chocolate Makers UnConference, and Co-Founder of The Chocolate Alliance has spent four years developing the Industry Standard for evaluating finished Chocolate Products to determine the quality of Specialty Chocolate & Cacao. 

The new system, hailed as an emerging industry standard for quality metrics, is based on the Q-Grader System for grading Specialty Coffee. The new Sensory Analysis System for Chocolate has been reviewed by chocolate makers, cacao importers, cacao growers, supply chain experts, and professional chocolate tasters. 

The Sensory Analysis System for Chocolate has been tested on more than 3,000 chocolate samples with more than 70 judges across two major award brands for three years to develop and refine the sensory system. 

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