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Professional Course

Explore the impact of soil science, cacao genetics, and post-harvest processing on artisan chocolate products. Learn the 100-point evaluation form.

Live Certificate Program

Work with experts in real-time to evaluate artisan chocolate. Join professionals around the world to talk about chocolate flavor profiles. Taste work by today's top makers. Calibrate your scores. 

Sensory Experience

Develop the skills and experience to evaluate artisan chocolate products with confidence. Learn at your own pace. Access the program for one year. Certificate and exam included.

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Learn to evaluate artisan chocolate with the specially designed skillset of modern professionals. 

Build your skillset with a professional chocolate evaluation method and score-system that has uprooted traditional models in favor of a global style of chocolate analysis that reflects the quality potential in artisan products. 

This method allows for communicating results easily over long distance and evaluating products across culture. 

"This program made me more analytical and objective in the search for better results in my chocolate products and work methodology."

M. Graza, Mexico City, Mexico. Program Graduate 2021

"I am better able to detect what can go wrong in sourcing the cacao beans and help the farmer directly improve key processes for cocoa."  

I.A.P. Pidada, Bali Indonesia. Program Graduate 2021

Course Benefits

  • Expand your palate with guidance from experts and chocolate professionals around the world.
  • Develop new ways to monitor quality and provide feedback on product batches with your staff.
  • Discover the unique tolerances and viewpoint that sets you apart as a chocolate taster.
  • Be a professional contributor to the fastest growing method for quality control in artisan chocolate today. 

Curriculum Highlights

  • Learn how to evaluate the defects in chocolate that result from agriculture, transportation, storage and manufacturing. 
  • Taste cacao origins and learn how the sensory attributes of chocolate develop in relation to their agricultural environment. 
  • Calibrate your palate to a global quality standard for artisan chocolate and learn professional evaluation methods.
  • International cohort of students allows for professional networking and global taste perspectives. 

Professional Certificate with On-Demand + Live Sessions


14-Days with Live-Group Sessions and On-Demand Videos. You receive real-time instructor feedback and advice from experts. Follow the pathway that is best for your professional growth.

  • Includes All Course Materials
  • Learn the industry standards for specialty chocolate products.
  • Taste chocolate with colleagues from around the world.
  • Practice and get personal feedback on your taste scores.
  • Access the network of program graduates to join taste groups and share product evaluations.
  • Includes Exam and Certificate for students that attend all sessions.
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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Quality Control Program for Artisan Chocolate Products. 

The program is designed to give you a solid foundation to build a sensory analysis and quality control system for chocolate manufacture from small batch to large scale production.

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"A great opportunity to exchange with other professionals and concentrate on your senses to evaluate bean-to-bar chocolate objectively, without hype and buzz words but by applying a method and technical approach, while enjoying the experience."

G. Metz, Cacao Quality Analyst, Paris, France. Program Graduate 2021 

Quality Analysis Program Overview


Module 1

100-point Score Form, Evaluation Method, Quality vs Intensity, Product Standards.

Chocolate Review:

Central America & Mexico Origins


Module 2

Flavor Attributes, Sensory Science, Neurology of Taste, Embodied Sensory Techniques.

Chocolate Review:

Caribbean Origins


Module 3

Defects at Origin, Cacao Soil Science 101, Fermentation & Drying best and worst practice effects on flavor. 

Chocolate Review:

South America Origins


Module 4

Modern Cacao Genetics, Global Transportation & Manufacturing Defects, Review of Chocolate Chemistry. 

Chocolate Review:

Africa Origins


Module 5

Group Calibration, Advanced Sensory Skills, Building a QC Program.

Chocolate Review:

SE Asia Origins

Program instructors host live sessions every day of the course.

Two time options to choose from each day for live sessions: 12:00PM Pacific (or) 4:00PM Pacific. 

             Meet the Instructors for Certificate Program

Brian Cisneros, M.A.

Brian is the lead instructor for the Quality Analysis Program for Specialty Chocolate and Cacao. He holds degrees in work-systems design, change management, and education development.

Brian is the director of the Chocolate Alliance Bean to Bar Global Product Competition and the chair of the USA's Good Food Awards Chocolate Category

Brian is the founder of the Northwest Chocolate Festival, the Chocolate Makers UnConference, and Chocolate AllianceBrian is a founding board member of the Specialty Cocoa Association.  

Brian Cisneros designed, tested, and refined the modern 100-point method for specialty chocolate evaluation. This method is the foundation of artisan chocolate quality analysis today.

Sarah Bharath, M.P.

Sarah Bharath is a plant and soil scientist specializing in theobroma cacao

Sarah works in the field with cacao farmers in Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and other Caribbean countries. She is an expert in delivering real-time results in harvest, fermentation, and drying best practices for Caribbean cacao.    

Sarah is the field manager and director of the Trinidad Micro-Lot Project in collaboration with Merdian Cacao.

Sarah guides us in the introduction to soil science and plant management techniques for cacao that influence flavors in finished chocolate. We will also take a special look with Sarah at the best and worst practices in fermentation and drying that have impact on cacao flavor. 

Jessica Henderson, Ph.D.

Jessica Henderson joins the program as guest instructor in the Sensory Science section.

Jessica is a master chocolate taster and holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. She joins us to taste chocolate samples, answer questions on how we perceive flavor, guide us in sensory games, and lead the talk on the subject of how the sensory system works in the human mind and body.

Jessica is the CEO of Chocolate Monkey, a company that provides guided tasting for chocolate consumers. 

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