Intro to Sensory Analysis for Chocolate Products

December 06 - 10, 2021

Take a journey to the heart of quality control for specialty chocolate. 

Join chocolate makers and cocoa professionals to taste and evaluate artisan chocolate products.

Engaging daily videos and interactive online community are combined with live sessions taught in real-time to provide a first-class experience for professional learners.

If you are new to sensory analysis for chocolate - this is the right place to start

Course Fee includes Artisan Chocolate Samples

Sensory Analysis Intro Program


The 5-Day Course Includes

  • High Quality Artisan Chocolate samples to taste daily.
  • Daily video lessons on Chocolate Sensory Analysis
  • Live Q&A Session with Course Instructor 2x's during the week
  • Printed Evaluation Forms for Chocolate Products 
  • Digital Guide to Sensory Analysis Methods and Score Form
  • Access to materials for 90-days from the program date.

Cacao Genetics

Learn about the impacts of cocoa genetics on product flavor profiles. Explore the impact of cocoa fermentation and drying on flavor. 

Manufacture Quality & Defects

Taste products with a range of manufacture style and analyze quality and defects that arise from production process. 

Live Instruction Q&A Sessions

Join with colleagues from around the world on live sessions to ask questions and review course materials in real-time. All sessions are recorded for on-demand viewing for 90-days.  

Free Video: Chocolate Sensory Analysis 

Get started today with a free video on sensory analysis for chocolate products. Quick tips on how to create a tasting environment and advice on palette cleansers.