Advanced Sensory Skills for today's modern chocolate professional. 

Get ready for a new way of thinking about chocolate products and a brand new method for professional evaluation of chocolate products with technical precision not previously seen in the artisan chocolate industry. 


Get Started with this intro video on Sensory Analysis

Artisan Chocolate products display a level of sophistication that requires an advanced sensory skillset to properly evaluate. The first step for any professional is establishing the tasting environment and method.

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Chocolate is evaluated using modern sensory science developed in specialty coffee and the wine industry.


Products are scored on a 100-point system that reflects the quality of the finished chocolate and cacao. 



Work with peers around the world to evaluate products and share scores & ideas. 


Next Sensory Program:

February 02 - March 11, 2022

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A Groundbreaking Program Designed by Chocolate Professionals to address the needs of modern Artisan Chocolate Professionals.

The Sensory Analysis Method for Specialty Chocolate delivers a robust evaluation platform valuable to professionals worldwide.