2022 Awards Program


  • Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars

  • Milk Chocolate Bars

  • Inclusion & Flavored Chocolate Bars

  • Caramel Spreads & Caramel Confections

  • Truffles and Bon-Bons

  • Drinking Chocolate

2022 Awards Program is Open until Sept. 15

About our awards program


Established in 2008, the Chocolate Alliance (formerly NW Chocolate) Global Chocolate Awards Program invites chocolate makers from around the world to submit products in the search for the best chocolate in the world. The program relies on expert judges and the competition has been carefully designed by top experts in chocolate product evaluation. 

Are you ready to take home an award in 2022? We are calling all chocolate makers and professional chocolatiers! The award program is open for your product registration and submissions from now until September 15 - hurry!

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Winning Products

Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars (2021)

Gold Award

Argencove, Masaya

Argencove, Mombacho

Argencove, Batch 18

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Asochivite, 77%

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Esmeraldas, 70%

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, El Carmen, 77%

Lonohana Estate Chocolate, Kanahiku 70% Dark

Honokaa Chocolate Co., Hawaiian Origins - Hard Rock Gardens Farm

Xocolatisimo, Chocolate Bar 65% cacao


Silver Award

Kahkow USA / Michael Laiskonis, Nacional by Michael Laiskonis

Cuna de Piedra, 77% Almendra Blanca Cacao from Soconusco Chiapas

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Ucayali, 70%

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, 72% Mexico, Soconusco

Seahorse Chocolate, Vietnam, Ben Tre 70%

Xocolatisimo, Chocolate Bar 70% cacao

Hazel Hill Chocolate, Semuliki Forrest


Bronze Award

Vinte Vinte Chocolate, Grand Cru 70% México Finca La Rioja

Honokaa Chocolate Co, Hawaiian Origins - Deep Dirt Cacao Farm

green bean to bar chocolate, Ucayali 70%

Xocolatisimo, chocolate Bar 75% cacao

Hecho Chocolate, 70% Cacao Trinitario Coop. Rayen

Inclusion & Flavored Chocolate Bars (2021)

Gold Award

Seattle Chocolate Company - jcoco, Mango Plantain

Argencove, Banana Cinnamon and Cloves

Cuna de Piedra, 73% cacao from Comalcalco Tabasco with Smoked Heirloom Chile - Special Edition

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Special Reserve, Las Palomas Coffee

green bean to bar CHOCOLATE, TOKYO -SHIO-

Silver Award

Wildwood Chocolate, Honey Cardamom Caramel

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Special Reserve, Lawley's Rum

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Asochivite with Maple Sugar

green bean to bar CHOCOLATE, SAKURA

Honokaa Chocolate Co., Barrel Aged and Infused Bourbon Bar

Bronze Award

Chequessett Chocolate, Sconset Brown Butter Sage Bar

Hazel Hill Chocolate, Whiskey & Spice

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, Orange Bourbon Pecan

Kahkow USA, Añejo VSOD

Palato Chocolate, 65% Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Butlah Pepper

Milk Chocolate Bars (2021)

Gold Award

Lonohana Estate Chocolate, Coconut Dark Milk (vegan)

Honokaa Chocolate Co., Goat Milk Bar



Silver Award

Honokaa Chocolate Co, Vegan Coconut Milk Bar

Forte Chocolates, Milk Love


Bronze Award

Lonohana Estate Chocolate, Hapalua Dark Milk

Xocolatisimo, Chocolate con coconut milk

green bean to bar chocolate, Palo Blanco -Peru- 50% -MILK-

Caramel spreads and caramel confections (2021)

Gold Award

St Croix Chocolate Company, Apple walnut caramel


Silver Award

Forte Chocolates, Old World Honey Caramels

St Croix Chocolate Company, Chili-peppered Passion Fruit caramel bon bon in milk

Truffles and Bon Bons (2021)

Gold Award

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, Black Forest Bar 

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, Misugaru Honey

K+M Chocolate, Canela "Alfajor" Bonbon

Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami, Passion Fruit

green bean to bar CHOCOLATE, Almond

Palato Chocolate, White Chocolate with Lemon covered almonds




Silver Award

Hazel Hill Chocolate, Champagne Truffle

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, Taggiasca Olive Pistachio Balsamic

Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami, Tupelo Honey and Cardamom

K+M Chocolate, Passion Fruit & Coconut Bonbon

Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami, Anís y Papelón

green bean to bar CHOCOLATE, Passionfruit

Midunu Chocolates, Kukua Truffle

Forte Chocolates, Peanut Butter Truffle


Drinking Chocolate (2021)

Gold Award

Resonate Chocolate, Guatemala 65% Chocolate

Belú Cacao, Tablilla

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Asochivite Hot Cocoa

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, House Blend Hot Cocoa

Midunu Chocolates, Adwoa drinking chocolate

The Wonderbon Chocolate Co., Cold Hot Chocolate


Stay tuned for the 2022 Award Winners - Announced in November

Are you a chocolate maker or confectioner? The submission for awards is open until September 15, shipping for products is September 15-30. Click the button for details.

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