Welcome to the # 1 Award Program in North America for Artisan Chocolate Products.

Entry Dates

January 14 - March 31, 2024 is the window for product entries and payment. 

Shipping Dates

March 1 - April 22, 2024 is the time for shipping products to the awards.

Awards Date

June 10-14, 2024 is the Award Announcement for All Categories.



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We celebrate 16 years of presenting awards through rigorous tasting, evaluating, and developing score systems to recognize and honor today's best chocolate products. Our awards are recognized globally and the top chocolate makers in the world compete for honors in our annual awards program. The judges are among todays top chocolate experts, retail buyers, and media influencers. 

Categories for Product Entry

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Entry Window has closed for 2024

Rules & Guidelines for Award Entry

  1. All products must be manufactured by the company that enters the product.
  2. No White Label products and no Couveture Based Bars of Chocolate.  
  3. Couveture is permitted in the Confections Category only.
  4. All products must include an Ingredient List or the Ingredients must be labeled on the package. 
  5. Products that are not received in the shipping window will not be included in the competition.
  6. We always look for products that are made at origin and models of business that include profit sharing with the cocoa farmer.
  7. You may enter up to 12 total products. These products may be in any category or all categories of the competition.
  8. All products must be made in a commercial facility that is certified to handle food products. 
  9. Products must be retail ready, or a current retail offering, or be manufactured by a non-profit education institution to be eligible for an award.
  10. Receiving judge scores requires an additional fee to cover administrative duties related to collecting judge feedback on the products.

Shipping Instructions for Products

  1. Ship Date: March 1-April 22, 2024
  2. All products must be shipped individually wrapped in adequate insulation for weather conditions that may prevail during the shipping window.
  3. Retail packaging on products is not required but the product must be in a secure wrapper. Confections are allowed to be packaged together.
  4. Shipping Address will be sent to all entrants 30-days prior to the opening of the shipping window. 
  5. Contact Person - please include a Contact Person with your Submission Form.
  6. Ingredient List - include product ingredient list or ingredients must be clearly labeled on the package of the product.
  7. Products that are not received in the shipping window will not be included in the competition.

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Entry Window has closed for 2024